One reason the Freshwater Land Trust has been effective in its mission is the incredible talent and commitment of our partners. On our board, you will find people with a true passion for our city and our state, who also believe strongly in the value of preserving the natural wonders of our community. We are inspired by their hard work and dedication. 

Board of Directors

Robin Wade III, Chair 

Mike Goodrich II, Vice Chair

Natalie Kelly, Secretary

William C. Perry III, Treasurer

Allison Westlake, Junior Board President

Tom Carruthers III

Susan Comensky

Dr. Lawrence Davenport

Randy Jordan

Hampton McFadden, Jr.

Charlie Nowlin

Julie Price

Virginia Randolph

Jenny Brown Short

William O. Smith

Thomas W. Thagard III

Larry Thornton

President’s Advi­sory Council

Jerome K. Lanning, Vice President and General Counsel

Arthur C. Parker Henley

Cameron McDonald Vowell

Charles McCallum, M.D., D.M.D.

C.T. Fitzpatrick

Dudley C. Reynolds

Dwight Sandlin

Frank M. Young, III

G.Ruffner Page, Jr.

George Barber

Louise G. Smith, in memoriam

Mark Crosswhite

Robert Kelly

Temple Tutwiler