Where We’re Working

The Freshwater Land Trust, a Birmingham, Alabama- based non-profit organization, is dedicated to preserving Alabama land of exceptional and irreplaceable natural, cultural and recreational value, with a focus on protecting lands that enhance water quality in our rivers and streams. The 5th most biologically diverse state in the nation, Alabama has more than 18 river systems and more freshwater species diversity than any other state. Alabama is home to 35% of our nation’s freshwater fish with 11 that are only found here. Sadly, our state ranks 3rd nationally for threatened endangered species.

Our mission is to preserve the special places that set us apart. We work to protect our treasured lands and species by collaborating with landowners interested in protecting water quality and other conservation values such as family farms and working forests, scenic views, historical sites, public recreation, and habitats for rare plants and animals. By leveraging partnerships with landowners, corporations, local, state, and federal governments, and other non-profit organizations, our plans help to ensure that we preserve the places that matter the most.

In 2009, we conducted more than 20 public stakeholder meetings with hundreds of people from all different walks of life. We used the information we gathered to identify priority conservation-focus areas that we are working to conserve in the coming years (see map).

Our goal is to save the places that matter most to Alabamians, so that we can pass along our rich and unique natural heritage to those who come after us. With your help, we will leave a priceless legacy, and those who enjoy these lands many centuries from now will thank us for it.